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ABOUT Carrot Cache

In early 1983, nine unemployed people decided to open a natural food store called The Big Carrot. After seeing The Mondragon Experiment they chose to structure The Big Carrot as a worker co-operative. This would ensure that the workers/owners had an equal voice in decision-making and were equally invested in the business.

Within two years the store on the south west corner of Danforth and Hampton was too small. An unlikely partnership with developer David Walsh, customers’ investments and loans from the Federal Business Bank and the Co-operative Resource Pool of Ontario, enabled The Big Carrot to obtain 1/3 ownership in the small development and expand. Built across the street from the original store, the mall was designed to fit into the neighbourhood by architect, Paul Ruber. At that time it was agreed that 1/3 of any business profits from the real estate would go into a small foundation called Carrot Cache Community Resources Inc.

Carrot Cache funds practical projects in Ontario that are beyond the ideas stage and in the implementation phase.

For worker co-operatives, Carrot Cache is interested in how the investments will help create and maintain secure, well paying jobs.

For local organic food initiatives, Carrot Cache wishes to grow the sector and sustain the web of connections and co-operative infrastructure necessary for long term success. For Farms, value added production and regional food hubs, this includes financial viability.

All projects funded have a community component and assume good food is a right for all people.

Carrot CacheCarrot Cache
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