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Everdale Organic Farms

Hillsburgh , Ontario
Project: Greenhouse Tray Seeder
Most small-scale organic growers spend a lot of time sowing individual seeds in trays for
growing transplants. This greenhouse tray seeder saves labour hours (=money) spent seeding
in greenhouse. No vacuum or electricity needed to operate seeder. This seeder is very
light weight, designed for small-scale vegetable growers, low-cost, and easy to operate.  

Materials and cost: Plexiglass ($15). Salvaged wood ($0). Brad nails and a few wood screws.

Place seeder on top of a tray pre-filled with potting soil mix. Frames are made from salvaged, recycled lightweight wood to keep weight and cost down.

Pour seeds onto plexi-glass. The rail around the seeder allows
the operator to pour as many seeds as needed on top plate.

Move seeder around freely, allowing a seed to enter each opening in the upper sheet.

Each hole accommodates one seed.

Take off the removable end of seeder to allow sliding
outwards of upper plexi-glass sheet

Slide the top sheet of plexiglass the 1/4 inch necessary to align the top
and bottom holes and allow the seeds to drop into seed tray.